Training workshop on ASEAN culture courses.

August 20-21, 2558 at room 3001, 3rd floor, Nawaminmaharacha Building, The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) 


Concept and reasons

          In late 2558 Thailand will enter the ASEAN Community. ASEAN Community comprising three pillars, namely the ASEAN Economic Community. ASEAN Political-Security Community And the ASEAN Socio-cultural Community "Human Resources" is the key to driving the work of the ASEAN Community before being under the ASEAN Socio-cultural Community Plan. The aim is to ASEAN community is people-centered, Social issues generosity and sharing including the well-being and to improve the quality of life and promoting ASEAN identity.

          ASEAN and Asian Studies, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) recognizes the importance of such necessity has made the institution a prototype for the application of the policy, cultural diversity and promoting the identity of ASEAN with the aim to present a course that harmonize context in each community and society through participatory action research(Participatory Action Research) between research team and faculty in all four of the original school in the North, Central, Northeast and South region, who have attended the ASEAN community development projects (Spirit of ASEAN) by the Office of Basic Education, Ministry of Education.

          This culture courses focused on ASEAN establishment of the ASEAN cultural diversity and identity. Using concepts learned from cultural sources close to the neighboring region, including ethnic groups in the area. By comparison, culture and links with ASEAN neighbors, this course focuses on awareness and globalization that has influenced to the relationships between schools and communities through the concept of ASEAN interdisciplinary studies and anthropology, the concept of cultural globalization through international power relations, social and cultural map Community History And kinship chart Includes activities related to teaching.

          In this occasion, ASEAN and Asian Study center is proudly to organize a training workshop on ASEAN culture courses to expand the implementation of such projects to the staff in school across the country to attend a course on 20-21 August 2558.



  1. To enhance the recognization of the ASEAN community institutions to Thailand through pilot projects. This project focuses on promoting cultural diversity.
  2. To build knowledge for staff of educational institutions in Thailand to prepare multicultural oriented in the ASEAN community.


Time and Venue

20-21 August 2558 at 3001 3rd Floor Nawaminthrachinuthit Public Act. Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)


Tuition fee

There is no tuition fee on this course.


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